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Starr Cullars & The Enterprise

Review 02/21/99 From: Dr.Brookenstein

At the Pontiac Grille, Philly At 1:15am, Starr Cullars & The Enterprise started their set with some heavy metal-funk vibes of "Alice in My Fantasies", which was full of smokin', hardcore metal guitar riffs (courtesy of Lige Curry) and heavy bottom riffs from Starr's bass!! The group performed their standard songs "Red Alert", "Starrgazing" and "Seduce Me", which all segued into "Darling Does He Really?", a marvelous piece of slow-paced edge-rock music.....Lige got skillz!! And the swooping bass licks that Starr provided were more than excellent! "Kosen Rufu" was the highlight of this show, as the group performed it at a faster tempo than normal, making it sound more hardcore rock than the original! Lige's heavy-metal lethal guitar solo was all that the crowd needed!! Suddenly, Shawn Hill stepped up to the plate with a solo that was so wild & crazed.......seismic waves of deadly magnitude have reached the coastline of Los Angeles!!! "Make It Happen" was the last tune and it was good. The show ended at 2:00am.

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